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Level 1: $75, 20% discount for remote work

  • Basic Malware Removal
    Didn't renew your subscription to that antivirus package and now have malware that is preventing your PC from operating normally? Let NetCare IT set your PC right.
  • Basic Website Management
    Paid to have your website developed and now it's out of date? Let NetCare IT manage your day-to-day website needs so your site stays professional looking and current. This service doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg!
  • Basic Wireless Setup
    Need a wireless network but aren't sure how to do it securely? NetCare IT can recommend the right wireless device for your organization and put the wireless network in place for you.
  • Hardware Replacement/Upgrade
    Know your PC needs more memory but aren't interested in opening it up and installing the memory yourself? Let NetCare IT handle the dirty work.
  • New PC Setup
    You can take your new PC out of the box, plug it in and get it working...sort of. NetCare IT can do all the little things you may not know how to do, like make sure all your existing files, email, contacts and Internet Favorites get set up in the most accessible and convenient way.
  • PC Re-Imaging
    Been the victim of a crash and now need all your software and settings returned to their previous state? Most people don't understand how to achieve this and NetCare IT can help.
  • PC Tune Up/Maintenance
    Just like regular maintenance on your car helps keep it running smoothly, your PC needs regular attention to keep it operating at its peak performance.
  • Software Installation and Configuration
    Have a network someone else set up for your organization and want to make sure new PCs are set up in the same way old ones were? NetCare IT can analyze your current configuration and reproduce it on new equipment.

Level 2: $95, 20% discount for remote work

  • Advanced Hardware Repair/Maintenance
    When you need hardware configuration that is beyond the expertise of the guy at the local computer store, come to NetCare IT!
  • Advanced Wireless Setup
    Want to provide a public wireless network for visitors or clients that doesn't grant access to your organization's private network? Need to cover an area with your wireless larger than a single access point than reach? Talk to NetCare IT!
  • Backup/Restore Configuration
    How's your backup plan? NetCare IT lives by the saying, "If you can't afford to lose it then back it up!". Let us ensure your backup is working properly so there are no unpleasant surprises if files are lost.
  • Basic Server Configuration
    Need to share information or printers on your network so that only the right people have access? NetCare IT has the experience to meet your needs.
  • Consultation on Hardware/Software Purchases
    Want a professional opinion on what PC, printer, wireless or mobile device or software package will help you accomplish what your business needs? NetCare IT has a professional ready to talk it over with you and help you decide on the best solution!
  • Custom Training
    Unlike most IT companies, NetCare IT has over a decade of experience in the design and delivery of custom training. If your application or environment is non-standard, then off-the-shelf training materials may not work for you. NetCare IT can create and deliver just the training you need.
  • Data Recovery
    If you've had a crash and don't have a backup there may be some data that can be recovered without paying for expensive high level data recovery services.
  • Internet Domain and Hosting Management
    Need your company website or email moved to a new hosting service and aren't sure where to start? Need to new domain name for your company? NetCare IT can take the hassle out of managing these Internet services!
  • Remote Access Setup
    Need to get to your PC from outside your office with the cost and complexity of a VPN? NetCare IT will set up access to your PC with one click!
  • VPN Client Setup
    Need to connect your new iPad to the company's VPN? We're here to help!

Level 3: $115, 20% discount for remote work

  • Advanced Active Directory Configuration
    So you have a server, but can it automate your company set up so the right people have remote access, printers, document access, software installation and more all without a visit from the IT folks? If not, NetCare IT can help!
  • Advanced Application Configuration
    Need help setting up your own internal mail services, a centralized Antivirus package or accounting package? NetCare IT has a broad background in application management that allows us to get you the results you are looking for from your software!
  • Advanced Server Configuration
    Windows Servers come with many services that only advanced Administrators should configure. NetCare IT has the experience to implement Routing and Remote Access, Terminal Services, DNS and Windows Native Web Server if your organization needs them.
  • Cisco Device Configuration
    NetCare IT can help you with setup and configuration of many Cisco devices - just let us know what you need!
  • Custom Application Development
    If you need a program and can't find one from a store that meets your needs, a custom program could be just the ticket. NetCare IT can design and build a program just for you for less money than you might think!
  • Hardware VPN Service
    A hardware VPN is a relatively inexpensive way to connect securely to a remote office without having to own and operate a server.
  • Server Implementation
    Need a server for your organization? If so, you need professional help and guidance to make sure you are getting the most out of this investment and that your server is operating safely, securely and efficiently. Call NetCare IT and let us help!
  • Software VPN Service
    A software VPN is a great solution if you already have a server in house for centralized location of files, mail or applications. Since you can install and manage the VPN service on the existing server, no hardware VPN is necessary.
  • Website Development/Programming
    Need a website that lets your customers interact with your company and its services? If so then you need programming code on your site that connects it to a database.

Level 4: $135, 20% discount for remote work

  • CIO Services
    Need advice on your current technology environment or on the long term direction of your organization's technology? Meet with our owner, George Myers, and get the benefit of his 18 years of industry experience!
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